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Economy Trends and analysis

Is Toronto in a bubble? Interesting discussion with a mortgage broker

DECEMBER 20, 2011

I had an interesting discussion with well-known Toronto mortgage broker David Larock.  It started with the following picture showing the real house price index I had created for Toronto

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Are vacancy rates a leading indicator of house prices?

DECEMBER 16, 2011

Despite the fact that housing starts have substantially outpaced demographic demand, vacancy rates are low in most major Canadian markets.  How can this be, and is this indicative of a healthy, stable market?

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Credit bites back

NOVEMBER 30, 2011

Readers may be interested in a fascinating paper by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco titled, "When Credit Bites Back: Leverage, Business Cycles, and Crises."   It's a must-read.

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Flow of bad news...

NOVEMBER 23, 2011

The flow of bad news out of Europe and Asia this morning is quite troubling.  These are the headlines making me nervous this no particular order

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