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Interesting Articles and Reports

CMHC vs. Fannie Mae....round 2: More nagging questions about Canada's mortgage monster

SEPTEMBER 04, 2011

How safe is CMHC?  Let's have another look at how it compares to Fannie Mae, the now taxpayer bailed-out entity that served a similar role in the US.

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Debunking the supposed drivers of Vancouver's crazy real estate market

AUGUST 25, 2011

What's really driving this crazy market?  More to the point, what's NOT driving it...

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More insight into the mass psychology driving Canada's real estate obsession

AUGUST 22, 2011

A key component to the development of any asset bubble is a new and widespread belief about the 'investment worthiness' of a particular asset.  Is this happening in Canada?  How can we quantify this?

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Bank of Canada Review released: Flaherty now under pressure to adjust down payment rules

AUGUST 18, 2011

When the Bank speaks....people ought to listen!  The Bank of Canada released their Summer 2011 Bank of Canada Review.  Any good economist recognizes the importance of data released by the Bank of Canada as it helps form policy direction...

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